Site Inspections


Representatives of the Portuguese Water Dog Club (PWDC) where in town on Wednesday, March 13 for a site inspection of the Founders Inn & Spa Tapestry Collection by Hilton. The site inspection included an assessment of the Pungo Ferry Landing Boat Ramp recreation area for the water trial portion of the event. The event needs two trial areas with a 35’ wide shoreline and two separate lanes reaching out 60’ from shoreline to test specific water skills of each dog. Pictured here is Marlene, with PDWC, who is testing the waters on fairly nice day in March. If PWDC books, it is anticipated the PWDC National Specialty Show will bring 1400 room nights to Virginia Beach in August/September of 2020.


Also attached are a few pics of a resent site inspection of the Sheraton and Wyndham hotels with representatives from Faith Landmarks Ministries from the Richmond, Virginia area. The group is looking for a location for their 2020 Women’s Retreat in March. The retreats is expected to bring in 300 people to Virginia Beach.

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