Hokie Stories @ VBCC

VBCC hosted the Annual Tidewater Hokie Club Football Kick-off Dinner July 17, a very hot and humid day. The committee planned the evening well including a greeting by the official mascot.

As luck would have it, a front moved through late in the afternoon with high winds and heavy rain. Spectators both inside and out, saw the Hokie take flight.  They saw him head east and suspected he was headed to the beach to cool down. Once the rain ended the search began both from VBCC’s rooftop camera and on foot, but the Hokie was nowhere to be found.

Later in the evening, Justin Roberts, HVAC Tech and Bill Day, Carpenter II, on a routine check of the mechanical systems on the roof, located the deflated Hokie.


He was later returned to his owners.

Rumors are a similar incident happened January 15, 2019 when the Virginia Cavaliers basketball team came to Cassell Coliseum…

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