Tower Lights

With a new coat of paint and new lighting, VBCC’s tower has a bright new look. REW Electric completed the installation of new Lumenpulse programmable LED lights this month. The color changing lights can provide a variety of static colors or preprogrammed moving light themes. Seen here is the Thanksgiving theme. Look up when you’re leaving work, unless you are like some of the VBCC team who arrive early. We’re now in the Christmas mode.

CC Staff Wows Symposium Attendees

In addition to hosting dozens of conventions, meetings and private events, the Convention Center annually contracts the venue for a number of tradeshows. Many of these tradeshows represent major Hampton Roads industries such as shipbuilding and ship maintenance. One long-time client, the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE), recently hosted the 2018 Fleet Maintenance Symposium, bringing together approximately 1,200 representatives of suppliers and active-duty Navy and Civil Service members who support the U.S. Navy.

One of the show’s training contractors, T-Solutions, Inc., sent in the following letter commending staff for providing a stellar customer experience:

“Sabrina, Max, Wayne-

Wow!  VBCC knocked it out of the park at our event last week. We at T-Solutions could not be more pleased and the feedback from our symposium attendees confirm that sentiment.

Thanks to Max’s helpful suggestions during planning, our space arrangements were perfect, both for our classroom time, during breaks, breakfast, lunch and during our reception. Everything was exactly where we planned it to be, clean and ready for us each of the three days. Many of our attendees commented favorably on the venue in written feedback. It could not have been better.

All audio visual equipment worked perfectly.  We’ve conducted an annual Port Engineer Training Symposium for over 35 years and this is one of the rare occasions where everything worked exactly as planned.  More than that, whenever we had a question, experienced technical challenges, or required replacement batteries, one call to Wayne, and assistance appeared immediately.  It was seamless.  The audio system not only worked, but amplification was crystal clear and properly adjusted for the space we were in. Video recording was completely unobtrusive and the product was delivered less than one hour after completion of the last presentation.  Who would believe it?

Then there was the food.  Our port engineers variously reported it at “fantastic” “awesome” “great” “the best ever”… you get the idea.  We all couldn’t have been more pleased with the quality of everything that was served. It was artfully prepared, served fresh and hot, displayed beautifully and delicious!  The service attendants were nothing short of amazing.  They kept all serving dishes fresh and filled, were friendly and efficient.  Clean-up and replenishment were continuous so that even those of us who were the last in line found a fresh buffet. Tables were bussed professionally so there was never a mess.  Our evening reception was nothing short of amazing.  All selections were wonderful and abundant.  It was a great party.

I wish that I had a negative comment to balance my review, but nothing went wrong. We are looking forward to working with you again when it’s time to plan the next East Coast Port Engineer Training Symposium in 2020.  Thanks to you all and to your staff for your professionalism. You make Virginia Beach proud!

Kenneth S. Jacobs

Executive Vice President and Technical Director

T-Solutions, Inc.


Shriners Visit The VBCC!

Every year the Mid Atlantic Shrine Association calls Virginia Beach and the VBCC home. Here are a few highlights from Friday morning’s motorized units completion in South Parking Lot 5.

VBCC Staff Goodness


Don’t burn your bridges. We’ve all heard it, especially as it applies to employment. Nearly a year ago I had a familiar woman walk into my office. She had a big pleasant smile and a calm soft voice. I had to dig deep into my memory banks. I vaguely recognized her, but couldn’t place her. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t remember her name and she was playing hard not to give it up. But I remembered something positive, something good. I just couldn’t make the connection. Then she said it. The trigger words were the snack bar at the Dome. It had been over 40 years and we were both much younger. I was thinner, she still is. Audrey Banks is even more pleasant today than I remember her. And she still works as hard or harder than she did in the 1970s. She and I both were part-time students in college when she came to the Dome. Today she diligently goes about her work keeping VBCC clean, and she does so with a smile and kind words every time I see her.

 The next time you’re here and see Audrey, please say hello. She’ll undoubtedly have something kind to say that will likely put a smile on your face. 

VBCC Maintenance Team at Work

Members of VBCC’s building maintenance and housekeeping and setup teams worked together on completing the last changeover of the pedi-mats. Many people take for granted walking over these benign tracks when you walk into a building, but we don’t. These devices clean your feet before you walk on our carpet and leave the dust and dirt behind. We actually receive LEED credits for indoor air quality because of them. Every few years we have to go through the task of removing the old strips that look like carpet but feel more like a stiff bristle brush. VBCC Maintenance staff have been busy deep cleaning carpets and other tasks this month getting ready for another busy year.

Leilani Zamora- SYEP VBCC Experience


My name is Leilani Zamora, and I am a rising senior at Landstown High, and participant of Virginia Beach’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) of 2018. SYEP is a program that provides jobs and workplace readiness skills to young people. They also help provide opportunities to the participants to develop skills, set career goals, earn money, become financially empowered, and learn more about the community. Based on my interview and career assessment, I was placed in my first job at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Event Services with Avery Burgess as my supervisor. Everyone was so welcoming, and it was wonderful being a part of the team!


In the beginning of the summer, I participated in tours with the other CVB interns. There, I learned about the Virginia Beach Convention Center building, the history of it, and the attractions of the city. I was able to support the event team with many tasks. I organized event files, created signage, crafted icebreakers for meetings, and filled in as a concierge and as an usher in my time here.


My experience here has been enjoyable and educational as I got to shadow some of the Event Coordinators and got to learn about the hospitality industry. Working events like dance competitions and Warrior Expo and attending staff meetings have helped me develop and improve my professional skills and my interpersonal communication skills. This will be helpful for my future job opportunities and I am incredibly grateful for being able to work here for these seven weeks! I will miss it!

Amanda Hall- Event Services Intern VBCC Experience


Hello! My name is Amanda Hall, and I was the Events Services Intern this summer at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. I am a rising senior at Virginia Tech studying Hospitality and Tourism Management, and I will be graduating December of 2019.

My experience with the Events Services team has been very educational! As the intern, I was given opportunities to shadow the coordinators and interact with both clients and patrons. Being able to work a variety of events, including meetings, dance competitions, and consumer shows, showed me the broad reach of this industry.

I even had the chance to be guided through coordinating an event—a Mental Health First Aid Training offered by the city. This involved working in Ungerboeck, our database system, communicating internally between our departments, and communicating externally with the client. It was a great success, and I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn!

I was also able to use my love for technical writing to assist in updating the building’s Emergency Action Plan and create content for the Event Coordinator Guide.

One of the most interesting parts of my summer was being able to learn more about the Convention and Visitors Bureau as a whole. Having grown up in Virginia Beach, I understand the impact tourism has on our city fiscally, environmentally, and culturally. To have had a supporting role in the well-being of my hometown this summer was an incredibly special experience!


Starquest is in the house!

For the 25th year, VBCC welcomes Starquest  National Finals to Virginia Beach. More than 1400 dancers plus their families will compete on multiple stages all week.