Adventure Awaits in VB for U.S. Finals Visitors

With the Sports Marketing team welcoming thousands of visitors to town for this weekend’s U.S. Finals, it is important that our guests know some of the places to have some fun when they get here. The CVB works with clients like U.S. finals to help them promote all things VB, so that no one misses out on the fun.

Check out this great video:


Department Leadership Meeting Recap – 4/27

City Manager Dave Hansen opened the meeting in true fashion with all the passion for the City he’s been known for.

  • He thanked all the administrative professionals all over the City who have all our backs.

Deputy Chief Tony Zucaro

  • College Beach Week AKA Week 17, was a success in the sense that it was mostly peaceful
  • Limited crowd Friday night due to rain
  • Crowds were large Saturday afternoon and into the night
  • 320 calls for service Saturday night, several hundred citations issued, 2 guns confiscated
  • Department of Justice and Human Rights Commission members were on site as VBPD requested monitoring the department’s performance
  • This is a non-sanctioned event
  • Department has been monitoring social media channels to keep abreast of where activities would be held
  • Several command centers were established including EOC and the Second Precinct
  • Public Works performed an important role in keeping trash cans emptied
  • Emergency Communications Department performed a great service
  • ComIT’s support with new HD cameras was very helpful

Catheryn Whitesell (Director of Management Services and all things budget)

  • City council reconciled department’s budgets
  • Nothing was cut, $2 million was added
  • Very smooth process this year

Dave Hansen – Leadership Survey

  • A retreat will follow to address leadership concerns citywide

Alliance for Innovation presentation

  • Dave introduced Sallie Ann Burnett, Eastern Region Director, Alliance for Innovation
  • Jim Spore was actively involved in this organization and attended their conference, Transforming Local Government
  • Many of us have submitted innovation projects to this group over the years
  • Alliance seeks to provide new ways for Cities to succeed
  • Case studies, webinars and white papers available online
  • City of Virginia Beach has a Citywide membership that is available to all members
  • Create a username and password to access. Your vbgov address will be recognized

Records Management

  • Administrative process to enforce Virginia Public Records Act
  • Authorizes transfer of records (storage or destruction)
  • Agencies must destroy records as prescribed by the policy
  • See City AD 2.10 for details and mandatory compliance
  • Format of records doesn’t matter. Records can be digital, written or recorded
  • Official City email should always be written in a professional manner
  • Four Rs
    • Retrieval – file in such a way that they are easily located
    • Retention – know how long you have to hold records
    • Reduction – get rid of in a timely manner
    • Recovery
  • Don’t be in the headlines
  • Use Department’s Records Manager as a resource

Cyber Security – Ernie Forni – (ComIT’s Cyber Cop)

  • Cyber criminals are the new bad guys attacking corporations
  • Malware is easily downloaded on unsuspecting apps every day on mobile phones – be careful
  • Check out this scary map: where cyber-attacks are tracked in real time.
  • 10,000 attacks or “door knockings” occur every day where cyber-criminals try to infiltrate corporate networks
  • Nearly 35,000 attempts were made to infiltrate Virginia Beach networks in 2015
  • ComIT sent out a test message to members a few months ago. It was designed to look like a phishing attempt, probably having like sounding names like Comit (rather than ComIT), addresses like, and the deadly, “CLICK HERE” to fix your problem. Out of 1,400 messages sent to members 162 people clicked on the “CLICK HERE” button. 23% opened the message, 11% clicked the attachment. Not smart folks. This is how crooks get into our network and steal information, and it could be something personal about you.
  • Members are encouraged to store critical information on network drives, and not on flash drives or local computer drives
  • Jigsaw Ransomware is the newest threat. Cybercriminals access your computer, encrypt all your files, and hold you hostage for a set amount of money. It happens to unsuspecting businesses and individuals.
  • Ever get a pop up on your home computer that reads something like this? “Hi, I’m from the Microsoft Support Team and we’ve detected a virus on your computer. Click here to remove.” Ernie suggests not going there unless you want to pay the crook $149 to unencrypt your machine.
  • Phishing Consequences Install ransomware
    • Install hacker code
    • Theft of data
    • Theft of services
    • Loss of reputation
  • Another phishing test will be broadcast this summer. Don’t get caught by this trap! This type of human error is now being considered negligence.
  • Infosec awareness is required training of everyone
  • Social Security Numbers should never be sent by email

Monica Kopin – Human Resources – New Taleo application

  • Taleo, the new front end for WAVE is rolling out soon
  • Training will be required of all hiring managers
  • The entire WAVE application will be down at the end of June while the transition occurs
  • If you have an active application in WAVE now, it will not be moved to the new system. Download and copy it now if you want to save it

Doug Smith – Introduced Brad as a first timer at the meeting.

BAYDA iServe Cleanup on VBTV

Check out this great VBTV feature on the BAYDA iServe Beach Cleanup, featuring an interview with Convention Sales Manager, Jamie Mitchell.

The BAYDA segment starts around the 8:10 mark.


AKA Wrap-Up

Great job to all the members of the CVB, VBCC and VICs who helped make this weekend’s AKA Conference such a success!

Jane White waiting with an AKA attendee while the bus driver assembles the wheel chair attachment
Teamwork makes the dream’s the soul train line of umbrellas

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ACRC7s Rugby Tournament in VB Welcomes Naval Academy

The Naval Academy will now be among the teams scrumming for the top prize at the 2016 ACRC7s Rugby Tournament that will be at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex, April 30-May 1. Matches take place Saturday from 10am-4pm and Sunday from 10am-3pm. Admission is $5 per day (kids under 12 free).

Read more about the newest addition here!