How is “Go Beachless” Doing?

Many people are asking how the Go Beachless campaign is performing. Below are some statistics Brad recently shared with a Town Center stakeholder that show the impact the campaign is having.  We thought you would like to see different ways marketing evaluates media performance.



“The new campaign has certainly met its objective of being a disrupter in the marketing space and it seems to be creating a lot of intrigue about Virginia Beach causing people to look further – which is what we wanted this campaign to do.  Below are some web stats from when the campaign began (March 1) through yesterday compared to the prior year.


Users  +92.81%

Sessions  +96.37%

Page Views  +68.67%


Our highest age demographic is in the 25-34 and 35-44 age range at +84.16% and +77.70% respectively.  Attracting a younger demographic has been a goal.


In our core markets where we are running the campaign:


VA  +68.99%

NC  +132.03%

PA  +101.09%

NY  +75.17%

DC  +81.47%

OH  +112.63%


Both NC and OH are newer markets for us so we are excited to see significant activity growth in those markets.


As far as source of traffic we are seeing growth in all areas:


Organic  +76.29%

Paid Search  +166.10

Social  +655.05%

Direct  +133.29%


The Town Center page has also seen growth of 15.72% in page views.


We also just received our latest DestiMetrics report that is showing hotel room booked for the month of March compared to last March for all future arrival dates is up by 16.5%.


As you know in marketing it is often difficult to point to any one marketing tactic or campaign to measure results, so I can’t say that this new campaign is the exclusive contributor to this growth although we are seeing a lot of traffic being generated to the campaigns landing page.  In addition to this campaign, we have had consistently more advertising in the market the past couple of years that is building more awareness and hopefully creating more traffic to our site and more bookings into the destination.  We have improved our SEO of our site over the past year.  We’ve taken more marketing activity in-house over the past year with more focused tactics.  So, I think there are a lot of things that have contributed to the year over year growth – but I’m sure that the intrigue of this new campaign has driven a lot of this traffic.”


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