Service Awards

Sherri Waghalter and Darcy Potter show with Vice Mayor Louis Jones, VBCC Manager Courtney Dyer and City Manager Dave Hanson receiving 30-year service awards. Darcy received her retirement pin a few days earlier. The Annual Service Awards recognizes City staff who have been with the City a minimum of 25 years at five-year increments. They received a plaque and a gift catalog from which they can order a really cool gift. Congratulations to both!


Site Inspection

Representatives from Eastern Southern Women’s Choir were in town Monday and Tuesday (12/17 & 12/18) touring Virginia Beach hotel properties for a future site for and event scheduled for October of 2019

Follow-up for Partner Pipeline In-Person Training (12/19/18)


Nice job coordinating ANOTHER fine session for our valued industry partners. These in-person sessions are really turning into something special. It is clear that our partners appreciate the opportunity to network with one another while they are learning about THEIR Partner Pipeline. I snapped the photo below while some of our partners were chatting and exchanging business cards at the end of the session on Wednesday.

Thank you for your effort before, during and following these training sessions. It is a pleasure working with you on these.


Supervisor Team-building

The VBCC held a supervisor training on Dec. 17th.  The facilitator used the DISC personality style program to help staff understand their own style as well as the other styles to better communicate with their teams and peers.

Welcome Rita Davis – VBCC Event “Wintern”

I am excited to announce Rita Davis has joined the VBCC Event team as our new winter intern – “Wintern”! She is completing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at ECPI, concentrating on Hospitality Management. She has an associate’s degree in Travel and Tourism from Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Canada, where she hails from originally. Rita has experience working in the hospitality industry in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She moved to Virginia Beach with her husband (US Navy) and their two children five years ago. She’s loves what Virginia Beach has to offer and has a proven passion for the tourism industry.

Please join me in welcoming Rita to the CVB Family!




VA Beach and the Cavalier Hotel Hosted the VSAE CEO retreat this past weekend! Over two dozen CEOs and senior leaders within the state market I came to Virginia Beach for some intense learning and great networking opportunities. Former governor Bob McDonald along with Maestro Walter Noona and his Trio were some of the guest talent who graced us with their insights and talent. On Sunday, many enjoyed a  Tarnished Truth tour and dinner in the Hunt Room! a successful event was had by all!


Employee Spotlight- Teresa Diaz

  • Emp­­loyee name:  Teresa Diaz
  • Where were you born and where is your hometown?Yonkers, NY
  • What division and position do you work for? I’ve worked across the CVB over the past decade in many roles and presently work with the MarComm division.
  • How many years have you worked for the CVB? July, 2019 will make 10 years!
  •  How many years have you worked for the City of VA Beach? January 1, 2019 will mark my 20th anniversary with the City.
  • What is the best vacation you’ve been on? My husband, Richard, and I booked a weeklong Royal Caribbean cruise for my 50th birthday. The first morning at sea we won an upgrade to a private, two-story, 1,500 square foot cabin suite valued at $30,000!  We are now cruise-spoiled for life!
  • What is your favorite thing to do in the wonderful City of Virginia Beach? Walk my three dogs with my husband, Richard, and enjoy the scenery of wherever we are in the city.
  • What are your favorite quotes? “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.  “I am not afraid; I was born to do this” – Joan of Arc.
  • Do you have an office nickname? If so what is it? “T”
  • Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us:  I’ve climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe (both on the same day!), and to the crown of the Statute of Liberty. On an elementary school field trip, my class and I dined at the Windows on the World restaurant in the North Tower of the original World Trade Center.
  • What do you like to do for fun? Treasure hunting in antique, consignment and thrift stores.
  • What is one thing you cannot resist? Anything and everything about dogs, including the dogs, too!
  • What is on your bucket list? A trip to Rome & Portugal with Richard.
  • What is your hidden talent? Now why in the world would I share that – it wouldn’t be hidden