VSAE 2021 Fall Conference and Expo

Jamie Mitchell, Sally Noona, and multiple hotel partners recently exhibited at the VSAE 2021 Fall Conference and Expo in Richmond, Virginia. We provided professional headshots to attendees. The show was well attended and we received multiple RFPs!  The evening prior to the show we hosted seven clients for dinner as well.

MASA and Borzoi Site Visit

Pic #1 Mayor Bobby D welcome MASA during their business meeting at the VBCC.

Pic#2 MASA Parade Trophies

Pic#3 MASA current and future MASA Presidents address members during the President’s Beach Bash at the 24th Street Park.

Pic#4 Officers of the Borzoi Club of America toured the Founders Inn & Spa as a possible location for their 2023 National Specialty Show at the end of April. What is a Borzoi?

The Borzoi (borzaya, meaning ‘sighthound’ in Russian), also called the Russian Hunting Sighthound