Jamie Mitchell, CMP Featured in the Member Spotlight by MPI

Jamie Mitchell, CMP
Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau
Convention Sales Manager

Best thing about job: Interacting with peers!  As a 20+ year industry veteran I’ve always recognized this as one of the best aspects of my job.  It’s been even more obvious in light of current world events!

Volunteer positions: I volunteer with my church on a regular basis.

Event horror story: I was the Director of an event center and we hosted a Hair & Fashion Show.  One of the contestants released live doves (unbeknownst to us).  They were scared to death and wouldn’t come down and by the next day we had to call animal control to have them removed!

Hobbies: Game nights, spending time with family, reading, food & wine experiences

Husband/Wife/Kids/Pets: Two sons – Preston (15) and Dawson (9)

Fun fact:  I have visited over half the states in the United States (bucket list is to visit all 50 states!)

VB CVB Religious Conference Management Association Pics

The Virginia Beach CVB participated in the Religious Conference Management Association’s (RMCA) Emerge 2021 Conference in Charlotte (March 2-4). The event hosted over 200 prequalified planners and around 80 planners. The group helped to provide over a thousand packets of supplies for local schools and packed over 13 pallets of food items for the local Food Bank.

VBCC Vaccinations

On Wednesday, 2/18, Jamie Mitchell, Jason Kmet, Jim Coggins, Lynn Honeycutt, and Scott Warren helped with the Vaccine Point of Distribution (POD) at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.