Please be aware that we must discontinue our use of Ungerboeck at the TOWNE BANK BUILDING by the close of business on 10/10/17.

Our EBMS data will be delivered to Simpleivew by 9am EST on 10/11/17.

This will give them ample time to complete the final data import prior to our on-site training scheduled to take place during the week of 10/16/17.

I’m counting on you to spread the word.

The Count is in!

The final count is in and a donation of 242 pairs of socks and gloves was accepted on behalf of the JCOC on Thursday, Dec. 8 at the Convention Center.

Way to go, team!

2016 sock glove drive

Pictured: CVB staff who participated in the drive and Krishna Loya, volunteer coordinator for the JCOC.

Day of Caring 2016

The CVB stepped up to the plate once again for the city’s annual Day of Caring on Friday, 9/9. This year, CVB staff helped spruce up the outdoor spaces at the Beach Health Clinic and Seton House. Here’s a great shot of the BHC crew. Click here for more pix courtesy of Rubylee Gardner.doc group

CVB Says Thank You

Last Thursday, members of the CVB Culture Club delivered the supplies gather by you all to the men and women of the 2nd Precinct, in advance of their busy 4th of July Weekend. Check it out!

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Donations Accepted for VBPD’s 2nd Precinct in Advance of Busy 4th of July Weekend!

We will be accepting donations such as snack food, drinks, mints, gum, sunscreen, lip balm, etc. to help show our appreciation to  VBPD’s 2nd Precinct for all they do on behalf of our visitors. In the next day or so, we’ll be dropping Donation Boxes in all Department break rooms.

In some way, we have all affected the work lives of our 2nd Precinct Officers.  Think about it…every single event we host, and every single day of the year…the men & women of VBPD’s 2nd Precinct have the distinction of ‘Protecting and Serving’ our visitors while they are in our destination.

Your CVB Culture Team is excited to THANK THEM in advance of the busy July 4th weekend!

Between now and 5pm on June 27th, bring a donation for us to collect and deliver to the 2nd Precinct.

Just place your donation(s) in one of the break room boxes…and the CVB Culture Team will take care of the rest by delivering everything to them on June 30th.

So…take an opportunity to thank a Cop.  Donate soon so we can thank them on behalf of all of us!